Come Closer - Proudly Presented by Core Realty Group Inc.

On Thursday June 18th, we at Core Realty Group Inc. are hosting an art opening, AND YOU'RE ALL INVITED!

We are proud to present "Come Closer", a selection of relief print works by the lovely Pamela Dodds. In this collection, Dodds seeks to mirror, question and challenge norms of assumptions around gender, memory and history, primarily through figurative-based imagery in linocut and woodcut prints. Stop by our office at 747 Queen Street East after 7pm to take in the work of this magnificent queer artist and enjoy a bevvy and some chats. 

Book the date! I would love to see you there. xoxo

Has the Rental Market Got You Down?

At times, the rental market in Toronto can seem a lot like a rat race. When filling out a rental application, it may feel like you're being asked to offer up your first-born and a lock of your hair in order to be in the running for a shot at the prize. You're being scrutinized from top to bottom, with credit checks and references, employment letters, testimonials singing your praises... You pour your entire heart out on a rental application in hopes that you may be lucky enough to walk away with a signed lease agreement, but even once you’ve got all your documents in order, how much would you know about your new landlord at the end of that rigmarole? You may feel as if you're taking a big risk, but with the choruses of “OMG, will I find anything else?” looping in your head, and the endless competition swarming in around you, the pressure is on to act quickly.

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For the Love of Toronto

My own love affair with Toronto began quite early; I was born in the downtown core and grew up just north of the city. Although I often felt marooned in the 'burbs, I was not only close enough to become completely captivated by Canada's largest city, but also (thankfully) just close enough to access the TTC at its northern-most reaches. As a teenager, I took every opportunity to ride the Red Rocket down to explore the heart of the city that I found to be so alluring; although the Queen and University haunts of my teenage years have come and gone, my excitement about Toronto, and my scope of this dynamic city as a whole, has continued to widen.

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